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“The Domestic Marine” 

Never before and never again; there is only one 

"Domestic Marine." 


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  The Tomboy 

An angel in the making.

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“. . . was told that I’m out of sync with society, but, how could this be, when God just sent me an angel in my time of need? Therefore, must be in God’s favor, and there’s no place that I’d rather be, 
so I’m not out of sync with society, society’s out of sync with me!”

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    What you're about to read here on my website are snippets or insights into my up-and-coming book entitled “The Domestic Marine.” There will be much more detail on the facts already mentioned and additional information not yet disclosed to the public in my published book. Furthermore, the published book will be much more than a semi autobiography. The published book will have new ideas, health information, computer science and programming information, vegan recipes, herbal remedies and much more! 

     There will be something for all generations with an emphasis on the millennial's to get them back on track with a health and life style changes. 

     Decided to add sub chapters to the books, between each chapter is a short sub chapter, examining topics of particular interest more closely such as virtual reality, online dating, social media and dating and getting back to the basics when it comes to relationships, especially for the millennial's! 

     The first sub chapter is called "Corps" Emotions Combined with The Tomboy. Each chapter is like a mini book in and of itself, satisfying, but the reader wanting more, so each of the following chapters is progressively satisfying to the reader and each book's focus remains on the thesis of the books. 

     Thesis: “You can’t change the past but I’ll be damned if I’m going to let it define me!” 

     Finally, the depth of the insights presented has been kept at a level so as to be more appealing to a wider audience and hopefully draw you, the reader, into an intense and engaging reading experience! 

     Hope that everyone enjoys reading the books; that would be my pleasure! 

     Thank you for your support! Have a great day! 


“. . . God gave us boundaries so that we may make choices. When a person chooses to close their mind or heart or soul then nothing gets in but evil knows no boundary. When one opens their mind and heart and soul then they are filled with no room for evil. Choose to open yourself and one will no longer have to choose to love, love will no longer be a choice.”  

 Copyright © 2017, 2018 Richard Hassey. All rights reserved.

Sneak-peek pre release of Chapter 3 –Trophy Love:

Companion Book, The Tomboy An angel in the making

Chapter 3 –Trophy Love

It seemed that each encounter with my Tomboy friend, while growing up, was a challenge to gain her attentions, once she decided to start pulling away from me after our significant moment that was described in Chapter 1 – Early Childhood.

All the boys that she seemed to interact with treated her poorly without respect and she appeared to be drawn to this type of attentions from those boys.

I was not comfortable seeing her treated that way, however, and began an even more exaggerated "nice guy" approach to gaining her attentions and showed her even more respect than I already did. Today, can see that I also started to hide my sense of humor from her in an attempt to show even more respect, pushing her even farther away with this approach. My Tomboy friend became the source of my childhood depression by forcing me to suppress some passions, angers and even some humor so as not to lose my "nice guy" approach because I didn't want to be like the other boys.

There was, what I thought, the most lovely looking girl at school much more attractive than my Tomboy first love but I always simply ignored her because my attentions were held on my first love. Since I was having no success at getting closer to my Tomboy friend, my attentions began to focus on the most lovely looking girl at school. [Took a long time to realize that, subconsciously, this was a deliberate act to try to make my first love jealous]. –My first experience with "Trophy Love!" and my first loss of some personal confidence but realize today that I never gave the effort!

While focusing on this beautiful girl at school, in the hopes of gaining my Tomboy friend's attentions, absolutely did fall in love with her, but knew nothing of her! We never interacted with each other, to any significant degree, simply adored her appearance.

In later grades, as she got older, discovered that what a waist of my little efforts to love and care for someone that quite frankly was much too selfish and self motivated for me to ever experience any kind of lasting relationship with because my giving nature required a more reciprocating girl, a person can only give so much without receiving something! Maybe this was why that I never gave my full efforts in the first place?

At this point, I started to accept the realization that there may not be a girl for me in my neighborhood or attending my school or grade at least. My maturity level and self imposed subconscious "father figure" mentality seemed to keep me focused on the higher grades, however.

There was that one girl, the only girl, younger than I that troubled me! She always drew my attention even away from my first love, so much so that avoided her, maybe subconsciously at times, that became more difficult with each encounter. She wasn't just lovely but adorable and the sweetest girl at the school and in the neighborhood! I wanted her heart so badly but she seemed taboo to me! --It seemed almost like I was cheating on my first love!

I never attempted to steal her heart but she stole mine, ❤ without even doing anything!

I would continuously lose the focus on her and as mentioned make efforts to avoid her because of the simplicity of attractiveness. She was not only the friend in my Tomboy first love that I desired, she had the beauty contained and desired within my Trophy Love and she also had the most desirable heart so filled with pure love and genuine affections that she seemed to be a necessity almost or at least a compliment to my giving nature.

In my efforts to understand where this taboo came from and bring it to words, recalled an encounter with this girl’s father at their home on our street where she lived. Her family lived two houses down from my childhood home for some time before moving. This encounter has always been the most vivid of encounters with this girl's father but never knew why until the writing of my manuscripts.

Recalled her father cleaning bluegill fish caught down at the railroad tracks at the bottom of our street where we lived and he tossed the filets on an open fire in his back yard. . . . Down at the tracks we called the bridge, "black bridge," going over the river and there was a pond that we called, "banana pond."

I'm not sure who caught the bluegill but this girl's father appeared to me to be a man of means. He was quite the handyman and seemed to be the type that took pride in everything that he did, had ingenuity, natural skills and high character. He was everything that a young kid like me would want in a father. --I think this is where my conflict and taboo started but my self imposed subconscious "father figure" mentality carried it forward and to an extreme.

Do remember, while listening to him speak and dropping some bluegill filets on the fire, glancing over and seeing his daughter and son and his wife also appeared, quite the mature and responsible, loving and hardworking type. --Compassionate and steadfast come to mind, commanding respect.

I remember thinking that his daughter was already desirable enough and to have a father and be part of this wholesome family was something that I craved but it would have been necessary to yield somewhat as I was just a child but my personal self imposed subconscious "father figure" mentality and assumed responsibility's to my own family could not allow for that. --I'm not sure, looking back now, if I ever did have a childhood and unfortunately by choosing not to yield to her father was also choosing not to yield to my own desires or even the chance of a relationship with his daughter or him or his family.

With that, taboo, I could not risk hurting her, if I were the type of person that contemplates regrets, this, and not taking the time to "smell the flowers" thorough out my life that my subconscious "father figure" mentality prevented me from doing most of the time, would be my only regrets but regrets are a form of self pity so I don't bother contemplating them but prefer to do something about them, like starting a new, with a gentler approach to myself because I've been as gentle to the world as possible. --It's time to yield to some desires!

If I were to define his daughter today, the only definition that could possibly make any kind of sense to me would be "The Angel One!"! She was a girl worth dedicating a book too, and, my entire life!

In summary, my Tomboy friend forced me to suppress some passions and anger and humor by turning them into depression to be someone other than myself. –Note to self: In other chapters, discuss when, not just some humor, but my sense of humor was threatened and also felt discarded--

. . . My attempts at Trophy Love took some of my personal confidence away and then The Angel One stole my heart and today, now that I have taken my life back, thought that it was time to return the favor, and steal hers’, because that was always my strongest desire!

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          First Preliminary Manuscript Draft of Chapter 1 – Early Childhood in the main book: "The Domestic Marine" Never before and never again; there is only one "Domestic Marine" 

          The reason that I mention preliminary is because I recently recalled another head-start (pre-K) memory that helps explain these statements below but have not had a chance to incorporate the memory into Chapter 1 – Early Childhood yet. . . . This is part of my problem: These are truly "living books." --These books are quite dynamic in nature. 

Chapter 1 – Early Childhood 

          With most children, suspect, life starts out in wonder, curiosity and a sense of fair play, that is, until the social interactions with others begins. 

          My mother worked at the pre-K head-start program so prior to kindergarten, attended the head-start program twice. 

          Even from this early age, the best way to describe my life was always one of looking into a window from outside a building as an outsider. Never quite fit in anywhere throughout my life and looking back it would seem that this also applied even as early as pre-K.

          Recognize now why this has always been the case? Have coined a few of my own words and phrases throughout the years and here is one of them: "Personal evolution." 

          Today, some may call it personal growth but there is a difference between the two phrases. Let me explain: 
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . . 

Final Chapter 00 – Hassey Solutions

. . .

. . .

           This is final: "The Domestic Marine" Final Chapter 00 – Hassey Solutions will have a Final Sub Chapter 00 – Run To Me.

. . .

"The Domestic Marine" Final Sub Chapter – Run To Me ends with a poem that fixed me, after writing and reading of my own poem. Reading of the final poem will give you the tools to be able to fix yourself. . . . Yes, you will have to purchase the book "The Domestic Marine" to read the final poem, because I cannot make the decision for you to be fixed. By purchasing the book, you are deciding to read the final poem.

. . .

You must read the entire book to get the most benefits from the reading of the final poem. Therefore, would like to make the final poem a scratch off, like a lottery ticket.

. . .

Scratching off the final poem upon completing the "The Domestic Marine" Final Sub Chapter 00 – Run To Me will be like winning the lottery, the lottery of life!

. . .

. . .

Final Sub Chapter 00 – Run To Me

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

Final Poem:

. . .

. . .

Everyone's a WINNER!

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