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Snippet from the book(s): The Domestic Marine Copyright © 2017 Richard Hassey. All Rights Reserved.
(Should be ready for public release by late 2018)

The companion book will be entitled: "The Tomboy" an Angel in the making --Sold separately, after purchasing the book that will be entitled: "The Domestic Marine"


“..was told that I’m out of sync with society, but, how could this be, when God just sent me an Angel in my time of need? Therefore, must be in God’s favor, and there’s no place that I’d rather be, so I’m not out of sync with society; society’s out of sync with me!”

Copyright © 2017 Richard Hassey. All rights reserved.

The Domestic Marine

..was up late again, been waking up in the middle of the night lately and jotting down some thoughts. Going to move all of my current book snippet content that follows to my companion book (Relationship Book) and rewrite the same content from a slightly different view point for my main book. My main book will be more informational (Informative –Facts) and my companion book will be more relational (Relationships –Opinion).

What you're about to read here on my website are Snippets or insight into my up-and-coming book entitled: “The Domestic Marine.” There will be much more detail on the facts mentioned here and additional information not yet disclosed to the public in my published book. Furthermore, the published book will be much more than a semi autobiography. The published book will have new ideas, health information, computer science and programming information, vegan recipes and much more! There will be something for all generations with an emphasis on the millennials to get them back on track with a health and life style changes.

This is the story of my life but it is not a complete autobiography. The story does start out at a time in my childhood and is quite autobiographical initially but then becomes more explanatory due to life changing events beyond my control.

The explanations become substantially detailed to the point of appearing as though they are in the third person. This approach can be considered a creative writing style to help convey the thoughts, feelings and emotions at the time of the described events, to the reader’s better understanding.


“God gave us boundaries so that we may make choices. When a person chooses to close their mind or heart or soul then nothing gets in but evil knows no boundary. When one opens their mind and heart and soul then they are filled with no room for evil. Choose to open yourself and one will no longer have to choose to love; love will no longer be a choice.”  

 Copyright © 2017 Richard Hassey. All rights reserved.